Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I introduce myself


my name is Alberto Simoni, i'm a 41 years old man from Italy and i'm considered a famous international Top Leader for Opportunities on line.

I study from 2002 the network marketing system and i have had the chance to learn a lot of thanks the most famous internet guru, such us Ewen Chia, Mike Filsaime, Janet Mark, Clay Montgomery and others.

I realized that it's NOT true that everyone can earn serious money. it depends on the way we work, what kind of method we use, the choice about the tools, the time we can spend to have success.

When we are in front of an Opportunity to earn extra income, we must take care to:

1) The company ( we need info about the owner/ owners and its location )
2) The product/s or service/s offered ( we need
assess its reliability )
3) The legal aspect ( we need to know if this opportunity is legal in our country )
4 The real chance that this opportunity will be alive next years ( it must be a solid business, better offered by a company with a Headquarters )
5) The marketing plan and the pay plan ( we need to be sure, they pay us good money regarding our entry fee or monthly fee )

It's important to know if the person who introduced us the opportunity, he or she can really help us,to have success ( we need to write him or her to ask him or her,

about his or her efforts for you......too many people say " i will help you " but after they don't do anything ! )

BUT We must realize that if we really wish to earn good money, we must work !

Well, this Blog can be updated, so i suggest you to come back here sometimes.

Now look at the serious income opportunities,
i selected for you, and make your
choice !

I wish you a good day
Alberto Simoni
name: otrebla69


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